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In this catagry we provide daily use items

We extract this oil from kashmiri walnut . It is one of the best quality indian almonds. Cold press method is used while extracting oil. This is the best oil for your health.Click here to watch product video..
Information about Amritdhara :-Surbhi Amritadhara is a very important medicine. It is used in almost all diseases of human body. This is a precious medicine to keep the stomach fit. This is a precious medicine to keep the stomach fit. It is also beneficial in severe cold and tonsil pro..
Information about Angrag powder :-This herbal bath powder is best for skin whitning or skin disease. This is also a ayurwedic bathing powder with natural best quality ingredients. With this natural bath powder, you can easily make a paste at home and apply on your skin for best result..
Benefits of Reetha Amla & Shikakai It is natural and free from harmful chemicals. Helps in removing dandruff. Strengthens hairs. Natural conditioner and cleaner. Beneficial in preventing hair loss. Your hairs become more shiny and healthy in appearance.Click here to watch product video Prepar..
Dantprabha Dant manjan:-Ingredients: - tamalapatra, black pepper, dry ginger, tumble seed, akarakra, acacia bark, neem bark, long, small peepal, parsley, pudina sata, kur, big herd, deaf, amla, alum, almond, rock salt.Click here to watch product videoDantaprabha dantmanjan is specially d..
Information about Doodh Haldi Multani tikiya :-Surbhi Doodh Haldi Multani tikiya made with Multani mitti or Indian breed cow milk. This is 100% chemical free product. It will nourish and soften your skin. Keep dryness away, highly effective on acne and pimples. All season product. A complete..
गौमय दंतमंजन:- घटक:- मोलश्री की छाल, अजवायन, सफेद कत्था, लोंग, काली मिर्च, सोंठ, पुदीना सत, अजवायन सत, कपूर, गौमय भष्म, फिटिकरी, सेंधा नमक|Click here to watch product hereगुण-धर्म:- इस मंजन के सुबह शाम दोनों समय इस्तेमाल करने से पीप निकलना, दांतों में कीड़े, मुख से दुर्गन्ध आना, मसूड़ों का फूलन..
Surbhi Kalonji Oil - Cold pressed or Surbhi Black seed oil Cold pressed.Uses of  Kalonji ( Black seed Oil ) Oil - Cold pressed:- Kalonji or Kalonji oil is a boon for all diseases of the human body if it is extracted in a pure way. This oil is used for human body diseases such as type-..
We have made this oil for daily use, this oil is full of medicines and gives protection to hair.ये तेल हमने रोजाना प्रयोग के लिए बनाया है यह तेल औषधियों से युक्त और बालो को सुरक्षा देने वाला है|If you buy this product and you find this product incorrect or have a problem along the way, because the p..
Information about Kesh Nav Jeevan hair oil :- Surbhi Kesh Nav Jeevan hair oil made for new hair growth. It is designed for give new life to hair, if your hair has fallen due to any reason and your head has become empty of hair or if you are looking for a way to grow hair then this oil i..
100% Herbal Mosquito Repellent oill is made From Plant Essential Oils and effective in repelling Dengue,Malaria & chikungunya Mosquito. Herbal Liquid Vaporizer oil is  not only gives a pleasant natural aroma & but also keeps your home & body free from bacteria.If you buy this produc..
This multani mitti powder is 100% natural or clean. You can also make a multani mitti soap with this or direct use for hair or face. You can also use this multani mitti as facepack or face pimples. This is the best for skin whitning.If you buy this product and you find this product incorrect or have..
Surbhi Neem Facepack has the power of real neem which fights all skin problems instantly and gives long lasting beautiful spotless soft skin. It has added powers of Lemon, Neem, Haldi, Multani Mitti and triphala which makes it gentle and effective.Click here to watch prod..
Information about Neem Multani tikiya :-Surbhi Neem Multani tikiya made with decoction of neem leaves or Multani mitti. This is 100% chemical free product. It will nourish and soften your skin. Keep dryness away, highly effective on acne and pimples. All season product. A complete e..
Information about Panchgavya Shampoo :-Surbhi Panchgavya shampoo made with reetha, awla and ayurweda herbs. This is 100% chemical free shampoo. It is more of a medicine than a shampoo. This is the solution of most hair problems like hair fall.Surbhi Panchagavya Shampoo is a fant..
Panchgavya soap made with pure neem oil, gaumutra, bhimseni kapoor, coconut oil, multani mitti, turmeric and red geru. Excellent healthy products for the protection of body,skin and hair. The beauty products are not only to look good but a strong medium to protect skin, making the body healthy, ..
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