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Joint Pain

In this category we provide joint pain medicine baesd on ayurwedic formulation.This medicine helps to cure joint pain problam.
 Lime Stone Chuna for eating 15g  Lime Stone Chuna for eating 15g
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Information about Edible Lime stone powder :- Surbhi Lime stone powder is a Wonderful source of calcium given by nature.It will be more beneficial for pregnant women to use Chuna instead of taking the mandatory calcium tablets.Lime stone chuna is good medicine for those who have weakness in th..
100% pure indian desi cow breed ( Lal bilahi, sahiwal and Rathi ) Ghee made with indian ayurweda vadic process. Its anti oxidant property keeps you young and energetic. Anti septic property shields your health against infections. Best source of nutrition for you and your family as it ..
Vatnashak powder or Vatnashak oil
Click the link for product feedback videoVatnashak churnyeh churn jodo ke dard ke niwaran hetu banaya gya hai jisme aswagandha,shatavar, methi or kikar ki fali jaisi aushdhiyo ka prayog kiya gya hai. yeh churn jodo ke dard me faydemand hai or aapko 1 dabbi aushdhi ke prayog se hi parinaam milna..
Click the link see the video on this productPanchgavya Dard Nivarak Tel is for people suffering from joint and muscular pain. This ayurvedic pain relief oil is made with the benefits of Ajwain, Garlic, Haldi, Til Oil. First, Luke warm pain relief oil and massage gently to the affected area for ..
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