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Brain Problem

In this category we provide brain related products like memory booster, help in migraine – sinuous, cold etc.
Information about Adhakpari Aushdhi :- Surbhi Adhakpari Aushdhi made by mixing Desi Gaumata Panchagavyas and Tulsi. It is the best medicine for migraine and headache. This medicine has been made with Tulsi by proving the five gavas of Gomata (ghee, milk, buttermilk, cow milk and cow urine) throu..
Information about Nasika Aushdhi :-Surbhi Nasika aushdhi made with five gavyas of Indian breed cow. It is an important medicine to remove Kapha Dosha in human body of any age. It is used in almost all diseases of human body above shoulder. It is a wonderful medicine for headache, sinuous, n..
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