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This category contains products related to women. All these products will be of high quality and of high purity. Which will bring positive changes in your life.
Ashvagandha powder is the best medicine to remove weakness of the body.Hair falls are reduced.Inhibits acidity and increases hemoglobin.Consumption method: 3-6 grams of powder in the morning with milk and water or according to the advice of the doctor.अश्वगंधा चूर्ण शरीर की कमजोरी को दूर करने के ..
Phal Ghrit :- It is given to couple before they try for conception. it helps in successful conception and improves the Intelligence and immunity in fetus. it is given to women with habitual abortion  to help her have stable conception. it is helpful in relieving all types of gynecologic..
पुष्यानुग चूर्ण घटक :-पाठा, जामुन की गुठली की गिरी, आम की गुठली की गिरी, पाषाणभेद, रसौत, अम्बष्ठा, मोचरस, मंजीठ, कमल केशर, नागकेशर, अतीस, नागरमोथा, बेल-गिरी, लोध, गेरू, जायफल, काली मिर्च, सोंठ, मुनक्का, लाल चंदन, सोना पाठा (श्योनाक-अरलू) की छाल, इन्द्रजौ, अनन्तमूल, धाय के फूल, मुलेठी और अर्ज..
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