Hair regrowth oil

Information about Kesh Nav Jeevan hair oil :-

Surbhi Kesh Nav Jeevan hair oil made for new hair growth. It is designed for give new life to hair, if your hair has fallen due to any reason and your head has become empty of hair or if you are looking for a way to grow hair then this oil is for you.

Key Ingreadents of kesh Nav jeevan oil:-

Harad, Baheda, Amla, Kalonji, Amrood, Nagarmotha, Kachoor, Loth, Manjeeth, Babchi, Barriya ke fool, Padmak, Mulaithi, jatamansi, Aak, Gokhru, Tataiya ka chatta, Bhringraj, Nariyal tel, Sarso tel, Badam tel, Til tel, Mungfali tel, Jaitoon tel, Ailovera, Haldi, Chandan, Neem, Suhaga, Arjun ki chal or Nagkeshar.

Key Benefits:-

· It grows new hair

· It prevents hair loss

· Makes hair stronger

· Eliminate dandruff

Method of use: –

1. Massage the hair in the roots of the hair and sleep, the results of this oil start appearing after applying the oil continuously for 2 months.

2. Do not use any chemical soap shampoo while using this oil, for example, do not use products that contain foam ” Panchagavya shampoo, Awla Reetha Shikakai powder, Doodh or Neem multani tikiya or Multani mitti to clean hair is a better option available on this website”.

3. If you want quick and good results, then balding the head is a good option because by doing this the oil on the head works in the right place and massage is also right.

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Safety information:-

· Take care not to consume too much.

· use atleast 3 to 4 months